How to wear a romper

How to wear a romper

How to Wear A Romper- Transition to Fall Style

School is back in and Summer is winding down. The days are getting shorter, the mornings are a little more crisp, and Fall is just about here. BUT your wardrobe isn't quite ready! Your shorts and tanks aren't ready to be put away, but it's not really sweater weather yet so, what's a girl to do? Transition! Use some of your summer faves and add a Fall touch, and I'm going to show some of my favorite ways to transition using one of my favorite summer pieces, the romper!

A romper is an essential piece in every wardrobe and here's why! In general, they're SUPER comfortable. This can depend of course on sizing, fit, and material but most romper pieces that I have tried on feel like pajamas! Another reason you need one is because they're easy! Since it all is one piece, it give you one less thing to think about putting together when you're getting ready. 

Today I'm going to show you a few pieces you should have in your closet along with a romper, so you can get more out of your pieces and transition from Summer to Fall with comfort and style!

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