Find your Style with Glow Up Fashion Fix

Find your Style with Glow Up Fashion Fix

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Style shouldn't be hard!

Diane von Furstenberg (the woman who is know for reinventing the ALWAYS flattering wrap dress) said-

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it."

SO much truth! But the problem is... finding your style is easier said than done! How many times do you see another woman looking flawlessly put together and you think to yourself "What a cute outfit! But I could never wear that!" ?

I'm here to tell you YES you can!

I've seen so many women overwhelmed with what to wear and struggling to put an outfit together that they end up "giving up" and just throwing on whatever they can find because "it's comfortable."

If this sounds like you... let me tell you a secret! You're not really struggling to find an outfit. Nope! You're struggling to find an outfit that you FEEL confident in! So you stick to what you "know" works for you!

But what if... you tried wearing something new? What if you put on that outfit you THOUGHT you could never wear... and you FELT, and LOOKED, AMAZING?

What if being UNCOMFORTABLE, and I'm not talking about uncomfortable clothing, but I mean going OUT of your comfort zone is where you find your style?

I know this might sound a little crazy but stay with me... WHAT IF you love this outfit so much... You GLOW? Not literally of course, but you're more confident now! You feel put together, you're happier, you're friendlier! You feel amazing and other people can see it!

You put on an outfit on you THOUGHT you could never wear, and just like that... YOU are THAT girl! The girl who other women look at and say "What a cute outfit! But I could never wear that!"

I started my blog and my boutique, because it has become my passion to help women find their Glow! And because I believe that feeling confident, feeling beautiful, and finding your Glow, shouldn't come with a high price tag, I work hard to find affordable clothing that I hope you'll love!

Now I'm taking this a step further! I want to help you find your style by curating an outfit for you! I want you to Glow Girl!


Introducing the Just Glow Glam Girl Monthly Style Subscription Box-

Glow Up Fashion Fix! Available April 9th!

Now Available on Amazon!

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monthly style subscription

Available April 9th!

Sign up below to join the waiting list and you'll get a first look, EXCLUSIVE early release date, and a special bonus!!!





Glow Up Fashion Fix is a monthly subscription box that includes a complete outfit (or two!) exclusively curated by Just Glow Glam Girl Boutique & Glam Girl Beauty on A Budget Blog!

This box is only $69/month, which is guaranteed to be at least 15% off and up to 40% BELOW the retail value of the items in the box!! AND that $69 INCLUDES SHIPPING???!!!

To keep things exciting and new, the items in the box will vary from month to month and depend on sizing and availability. BUT you can ALWAYS expect at least 3 NEW coordinating clothing pieces, along with accessories and/or jewelry that are BRAND NEW to Just Glow Glam Girl Boutique to ship in your Fashion Fix Box! This means as a member, you may get EXCLUSIVE new releases that may never end up in boutique inventory!

You'll also get amazing member perks like first chances at new arrivals at Just Glow Glam Girl and a LIFETIME discount for as long as you're a member! AND if that's not enough, you'll also get the chance to earn FREE clothing and even FREE subscriptions just for sharing with your friends and family!

At Just Glow Glam Girl, we know that women have a hard time justifying SELF CARE! We know we all feel guilty spending a little extra money on our clothes, or taking that extra time to get ready! And that is EXACTLY why I created the Fashion Fix! I want women to allow themselves to feel beautiful every day, WITHOUT feeling guilty. So I put together easy, comfortable, affordable clothing so you can Treat Your Self EVERY MONTH!👏 Because you deserve it!✨


Just Glow Glam Girl is passionate about inspiring EVERY woman to find their inner Glam Girl Glow without breaking the bank and we're excited to have found another way to share that passion with you through the Glow Up Fashion Fix Monthly Subscription!

**Remember, the items in the box may be limited and may only available for those who are subscribed to the box, and may not be offered on the boutique website.**



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