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 Glow Up Fashion Fix is a MONTHLY subscription box that includes at least 3-7 clothing pieces that include tops, leggings, jeans, shorts, dresses, or a complete outfit (or two!) exclusively curated by Just Glow Glam Girl Boutique & Friday Fashion Fix Blog!

 This box is only $69/month, which is guaranteed to be at least 15% off and up to 40% BELOW the retail value of the items in the box!! AND that $69 INCLUDES SHIPPING???!!!To keep things exciting and new, the items in the box will vary from month to month and depend on sizing and availability. BUT you can ALWAYS expect at least 3 NEW coordinating clothing pieces, along with accessories and/or jewelry that are BRAND NEW to Just Glow Glam Girl Boutique to ship in your Fashion Fix Box!



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At Just Glow Glam Girl, we know that women have a hard time justifying SELF CARE! We feel guilty spending a little extra money on our clothes, or taking that extra time to get ready! And that is EXACTLY why I created the Fashion Fix! I want women to allow themselves to feel beautiful every day, WITHOUT feeling guilty. So I put together easy, comfortable, affordable clothing so you can Treat Your Self EVERY MONTH!👏 Because you deserve it!✨ Just Glow Glam Girl is passionate about inspiring EVERY woman to find their inner Glam Girl Glow without breaking the bank and we're excited to have found another way to share that passion with you through the Glow Up Fashion Fix Monthly Subscription!


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